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National Ilan University Guideline for Hosting Overseas Short-Term Visiting Students



105 11 8 105 學年度第 7 次行政會議通過

106 6 15 105 學年度第 21 次行政會議通過

106 7 18 105 學年度第 23 次行政會議通過

111 年 11 月 日 111 學年度第 次行政會議通過

Approved by the 7th Administrative Meeting in 2016 Nov 8

Amended and Approved by the 21st Administrative Meeting in 105 academic year on 15 Jun 2017

Amended and Approved by the 23rd Administrative Meeting in 105 academic year on 18 July 2017

Amended and Approved by the 5th Administrative Meeting in 111 academic year on 1 Nov 2022





The purpose of this guideline is to promote international collaboration and lift research performance.







Overseas Short-Term Visiting Students (hereinafter referred to as Visiting Students) shall meet the following requirements.

1. be currently enrolled in school during application and visiting periods

2. home institution shall fit into one of the following categories:

(1) signed academic exchange agreements with NIU or colleges/departments of NIU.

(2) if the institution is not a partner school of NIU, it should be on the Reference List of Foreign Universities by Ministry of Education.


三、訪問學生需檢具 (1) 研究計畫;(2) 相關著作;(3) 履歷表;(4)學生身分 證明;(5) 所屬學校同意信函;(6) 宿舍申請單,並由本校接待教授填具「訪問 學生資料表」與「接待訪問學生同意書」,經系所或相關一級單位主管同意後, 將資料送國際事務處彙整,再由國際事務處發「訪問學生同意函」及提供所需之 行政協助。

Visiting Students should provide (1) Research Plan, (2) Related publications, (3) Curriculum Vitae, (4) Copy of Student ID, (5) Home School Agreement Letter, and (6) NIU School Dormitory Application Form to NIU Host Professors to fill up “Visiting Student Application Form” and “Agreement for Hosting Visiting Student” with the approval from Chair of Host Department. All above forms should submit to Office of International Affairs (OIA) and then OIA will issue “Visiting Student Acceptance 2 Letter” and provide VISA related assistance.



Visiting period will depend on students’ research projects. The maximum visiting period should be less than 6 months in general.



The main purpose of Visiting Students is to conduct academic research at NIU. If Visiting Students would like to use Labs or other school facilities, Host Professors should apply to related entities based on relevant regulations.



Visiting Students should pay administrative fee to NIU according to “Payment Management Guidelines for Self‐Financed International Students Pursuing Short‐ Term Study at NIU”,



Related expenses to host Visiting Students shall be covered by students themselves or by Host Professors granted from Ministry of Education, National Science and Technology Council, or other Institutions.


八、接待教授可為訪問學生申請使用本校下列資源,所衍生之費用依本校相應之收費標準,由接待教授或訪問學生支付︰ (1) 學生宿舍; (2) 圖資館與體育館等設施。

Host Professors can apply below facilities for Visiting Students to use. Related expenses should be paid by Visiting Students or Host Professors based on NIU regulations. (1) School dormitory (2) Library, Gym and so on.



This guideline is effective after the approval by Administrative Meeting.